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02-27-2011, 08:39 PM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
the point is would it hurt
No, but look at it his way.

(these are all made up numbers, but is probably why they aren't doing it.)

Total Fed Players: 250 (10% willing to buy stuff)
Total KDF Players: 50 (10% willing to buy stuff)

They can either devote time to make an item for the KDF or FED side that is $2. They make more profit from the FED item so they'll devote time to it.

They can either make $10 on the KDF or $50 on the Fed side with just the base number of players.

In a slightly different scenario, they get some more players by adding th item.

In the most favorable situation for the KDF, they got the item, and they ger 10 players read to buy it. They make $20 when they could make $50 on the Fed side with just the base characters.

Firstly, I think the real numbers are even more skewed in favor of the FEDs so it logistically makes no sense to do the KDF rather than the FED.

So, in closing, even if it brought a few new players in ,it still prolly won't offset the profit loss had they done it on the Fed side.

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