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02-28-2011, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
The problem I see is that the game is designed to show one Tricorder whenever you scan anything, we don't have different kinds, and even if we do, there's no place in the UI or Game Options or Tailor to switch them out.

We should start a campaign to allow people to customize those kinds of gear. Non-badge Communicators and Tricorders seem the obvious candidates, but I can easily imagine some Scientists wanting some med kits that come in cases and hang by straps over their shoulders, Engineers who want tool kits who do the same, tactical officers who want Bandoliers, etc..

Then, we ask for specific packs for the gear.

The TOS Pack, with TOS Tricorder, communicator, and the Belt options in the Tailor to look as if you've got them on you and holstered/hanging.

The TNG pack, with TNG Tricorder, and belts with holstered phaser & Tricorder, holstered phaser, and holstered Tricorder, as well as the Med Kit and Tool Kits.

The DS9/VOY pack, with "boomerang" holstered Phaser & holstered Tricorder, holstered "boomerang" Phaser, and holstered Tricorder.

The ENT pack, with ENT Communicator & Vulcan Tricorder, as well as options for Holstered Phase pistol & Holstered Vulcan Tricorder.
I fully support this, and would gladly download these packs.
Lt. Commander
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02-28-2011, 09:59 PM
I would gladly buy ALL of them!

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