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02-28-2011, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
not a clue what bug there on about, i played kdf since release an never saw or heard of this bug, but to the person sayin that its easier to lvl as kdf now then a year ago, put the mushrooms down and stand back from that beer. a year ago lvl via pvp was insanly easy becuase there were tons of feds lvling up through the ranks and doing pvp through all the ranks where as now there is a handfull of feds doing pvp through the ranks and not alot on the kdf side to make up for the lack of pvp leveling. we have sorties and exploration go kick the hell out of feds, romys and cardasians. we have no quests through commander lvl and 1 mini chain at captain lvl. if you think that alot of pve content thats been added to the kdf then id love to know what u think next to none content is.
C-Store experience buff...more Pve content, and episode releases...sounds like more PVE to me...but whatever...little less PVP now but imo it's still faster to level up today than it was at launch at launch with all the other new stuff to do...

OBTW...I dont drink and I don't do shrooms. I have also been here since Beta, so I think I remember some of what this game was like for Klingons after headstart...
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02-28-2011, 06:11 PM
Leveling a Klingon is a pure pain. They should get like 4x the rewards that they do.

I found a bug a while ago that let you complete exploration missions without doing much of anything. It led to quick leveling but was complex so not just anyone could find it.
Anyways, because of my morals and ethics I was FORCED to test out this bug OVER AND OVER. Tons of levels later I found that I had enough information to give an educated and knowledgeable bug report. The bug has since been fixed.
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# 23 Its a pain leveling
02-28-2011, 10:22 PM
Just what I said before its a pain trying in the early days even more.
They should turn it around a little for ensign to commander faster leveling until captain than to become admiral or general you should make a bit slower progression right .
Anyway I hope they come up with something !!
Even with starting your next captain not to do the whole pain again but start as an BO Commander as you progress true the game .
Well they working on new Klingon feature so I'm waiting for that day !!!

Greets Jetal

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