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03-01-2011, 06:46 AM
Star Trek uses phasers, not turbo lasers.
Excuse me, but you should know, that Enterprise NX01 was the first which used beams in Starfleet. Still after that the most other ships till TOS used cannons. JJ Abrams wasn't out of the Star Trek cannon at all. And f you think about the Jellyfish from the 25th century and her cannons, well, ...hello STO. almost every second ship here uses cannons and turrets, and the STO storyline is cleared to be cannon in Star Trek.

It's Star TREK, a show about exploration, science and intelligence, not about blowing the crap out of the other ship whenever possible.
Buddy, you are playing the wrong game, yet.

Don't you think this is absurde to grumble about ST 11 and still playing STO?

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