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03-01-2011, 10:35 AM
Direphoenix summed it up - there's never more than one Enterprise NCC-1701 in active service at any one time, or any other name/registry. The -A/-B/-C etc. suffixes are purely to denote which ship of that name it is - not to differentiate between several active ships.

So yeah - if you've got a ship called the 'USS-Spacemonkey, NCC-90210', and want to call your new ship the 'USS-Spacemonkey, NCC-90210-A', you've got to either re-name or decommission the older ship, as it's impossible to have two ships share the same designation (remember that the -A suffix doesn't count as part of the registry, as doesn't using the 'NX' prefix instead of the 'NCC').

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