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Originally Posted by HF_Mudd
A couple of points:

First, whoever mentioned "Roddenberry's dream" back on page 1 seems to have conveniently forgotten that Gene was an unrepentant horndog (like most men of his era) and never missed a chance to ogle and sometimes put his hands on the beautiful young actress of the week, .
Ah, I think you must mean when I said this:

Trek ideals and Roddenberry's vision - although the man himself was somewhat mired in the values of his time - are about equality, freedom and egalitarianism - and if there's going to be leering at pretty people going on, it ought to come from both sides of the gender and sexuality lines!
You see that bit where I acknowledge that point? The man /was/ a bit of a chauvinist, yes - and remained so during his tenure on TNG. Personally I didn't think much of him. Nonetheless, despite his 60's inspired opinions and his... personal quirks, he still presented a world in which women were regarded as capable military officers, and his opinions evolved with the times. The point is he gave us a world that strove for equality, even if he himself was a little too fond of short skirts and skin-tight leotards for the girls only.
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03-01-2011, 06:09 PM
Fair enough, I did miss that; my apologies. And you'll note that I did suggest a male equivalent, even if it did originate more from Bill's personal vanity than any notions of fairness.

"I see you managed to get your shirt off." -- Alexander Dane

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