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Hello, today was the day I got my captain's yacht. So far I had hoped that THIS was the ship type that would match the Delta Flyer and the Tal'kyr, giving us a reason to use something beside them as Feds and give the Klingons something equal. Well, unfortunately it's not.

The problem is: Delta and Tal'kyr get two BO stations. Danube, Toron, DujHod and yacht all get one BO station and one inherent power. So far it looks more or less balanced. All have the same number of powers, the Delta and the Tal'Kyr can choose, the others have to make do with what they have. Some are more useful than others but still... The big problem is: The inherent powers are unskilled. They have a cooldown of 85 seconds and seem to be less effective than the fully skilled BO abilities they are based on. They should at least be upgraded to be as good as the BO abilities. That would leave the Delta and Tal'kyr with the benefit of more versatility while making the others still viable choices.

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