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Like the Starships: Model errors, issues and feedback thread, I'm hoping to make a catalogue here of known uniform and costume model issues. This means anything from colour inconsistencies, to clipping textures, visual glitches and Canon inconsistencies. When submitting, do not be afraid to be pedantic, as it is the entire point of this thread. Set the bar extra high and encourage the devs to shoot for the stars.

Please, post only if you have any new info on issues or inconsistencies any ship might have, as posting info already found here will only hamper my efforts to update this thread.

Please utilise (pictures) and (pages) when submitting info to help keep the bloat down on the front page posts.


Enterprise era uniforms (circa: 2140s - 2160s)

  • Enterprise:
    • The fleet patch covers part of the division stripe. It should be moved down a bit.

    • The Flag Officer pips on the Enterprise uniform should appear on Both Sides.

  • Mirror Enterprise:
    • Male Uniform top: No option for a fleet patch at all.

    • Female Uniform top: The fleet patch goes beneath the assignment patch. It would be nice if we could opt to replace the NX-01 assignment patch with our fleet patch / badge.

  • Both sets:
    • It would be really nice if the NX-01 silhouette on the ship assignment patch could be replaced with the silhouette of whichever ship class (Primary) to which you are currently assigned, if the text: "Enterprise" (Non-mirror) could be replaced with your ship's name, and if the "NX-01" (Mirror) could be replaced with your ship's registry (if you chose not to replace it with your fleet patch).

TOS era (circa: 2265 - 2270)
  • The current male jumpers seem to be utilising the pattern from the JJTrek uniforms. The TOS uniforms have a more subtle seam and an upward curve over the breast as opposed to the straight line seams of the STO/JJtrek jumpers.

  • The trousers are a bit too shiny, as if they are made of vinyl or leather instead of cloth.

  • Combining a Ferengi with a TOS jumper or wrap tunic and the Stern stance gives you a big triangular hole in the back of the character's neck through which you can see whatever's in front of you.

  • Mirror Universe: Missing the captain's sparkly wrap with fringed shoulders, missing Scotty's knee high boots, missing the miscellaneous medals they wear opposite the Terran Empire patch.

  • NPCs sporting TOS Vulcan hairstyles in the TOS ship interiors have sideburns that do not meet original Starfleet regulations

  • Command wrap tunic should have the ranks on the shoulders or the cuffs, not both. Unable to change shoulder rank.

  • Missing female Dress uniforms. Should be shiny like the current nurse's uniform, but with the ability to add medals and decorations and change the collar colour. Examples: 1 2

TMP era uniforms (circa: 2270-2275)
(Legend: RDML = Rear Admiral (Lower Half) RADM = Rear Admiral (Upper Half) VADM = Vice Admiral )

Starting from top to bottom: (Images taken from: )
  • The uniform collar does not deform with the player / BO body like the rest of the uniform. BOs / Players with larger than normal necks (by any margin) clip horribly with the collar. Using the "Stern" stance exacerbates the clipping.

  • Crew neck variant missing

  • The epaulette ranks for RADM and above are using bars instead of starbursts:
  • Male (comm)badges are the only ones with colour tintable backgrounds. (TMP era uniforms use the background of their badges to indicate their career path: Colours and the departments they represent.)

  • Short sleeve variant missing

  • Rank braids on the cuffs use the TOS braids instead of the changed TMP braids:

  • Horrible clipping in the nethers whilst sitting in the captain's chair. [pic not provided out of decency]

  • The trousers make female toons' calves look enormous. Serious cankles going on, there. :3

I had hoped to see the security armour added to the set, sans helmet for obvious reasons. Was hoping to give the chest armour and boots to my Chief of Security. :3

Originally Posted by PodSix
  • The "straps" for the belt are the wrong colour, and should match the center section, not the outside section.

  • The insignia pin should be a patch for all uniforms EXCEPT the admiralty/dress uniform, and the field should be colour changeable to white, green, yellow, red, etc.
    See picture above.

  • The insignia is RIDICULOUSLY LARGE on female characters.
    See picture above.

  • The sleeve color shows on the top of the back of the collar, but not in the very front.
    (my impression is that this is incorrect anyways, and should not show at all)

  • Rank braids clip badly on female sleeves

  • Epaulets should be optional while still showing sleeve rank.

  • There is no beige in the colour picker (the C-Store image shows us a colour we can't make). There is also no powder blue, and nothing close enough to the ocher either.. Basically we can create almost NONE of the Canon colours for these uniforms. Therefore the ONLY canon uniforms that can be created with this are the Admiral's dress uniform, and the "white" version.

  • Epaulet rank insignia are white, while sleeve braids are gold (before tinting). both share the same tinting group.

Suggestions for change:

I suggest changing the TMP uniform to two shirts. one with epaulets, one without. Fix the colour on the collar, fix the colour on the belt. Set separate colur groups for sleeve rank and shoulder ranks (if shown). add some more light colours to the colour pallet. Make holes in the "pin" and/ir make the "field" section colourable, with "white" as an option.

Wrath of Khan era uniforms (circa: 2275-2283)

TNG era Uniforms: (Circa 2366 - 2372)
  • 2366-2369 (TNG) Female left arms 2-3 cm too high, appears to be a clipping error.

  • 2370s (Voyager era) commbadges clip with female chests (*ahem* bust size seems to exacerbate the amount of clipping).

  • TNG uniform still folds badly when using the Thoughtful stance.

TNG-era Open-Jacket Uniforms: (circa: 2368 - current)
  • Captain's shirt variant is only ever seen under the TNG Captain's jacket, which isn't available currently - never the DS9/TNG movie tops.

  • The 'open jacket versions of the DS9/TNG movie uniforms should logically be the open top with the coloured department undershirt visible.

  • On that note, the TNG movie version can also be worn open over the 'Captains' Vest' - alternatively, the vest can be worn without the jacket over the top, similar to the Captain variant shirt.


Picard's Jacket - TNG
Command Vest - First Contact
Janeway with jacket off, showing the DS9/VOY shirt
Security Officer with TNG movie jacket open
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All Good Things era uniforms (circa 2390s-2420s)
  • Uniform collar clips with the rear my Ferengi's neck (the triangular portion that has a hole in it in the TOS section is poking out.), but does not do the same to my Rigelian BO who has a similar build and stance (Stern).
  • Slight colour bleed around the shoulder / chest piping

STO Original Uniforms
  • Vice Admiral Coat: Fleet patch option disappears when this uniform option is selected
  • Jupiter Veteran Belt clips badly with The Wrath of Khan jacket (Female)
  • Jupiter Uniform 3 has an integral belt that is not covered when the Jupiter Belt is selected (Male)
  • Unspecified Jupiter Uniform has artifacts above rank pips.
  • No option for Fleet Emblems on Antares 2 uniform (Male)
  • Starfleet Academy Uniform: The collar on the right side is all distorted. When using Admiral ranks, this becomes even more apparent.

Bajoran Militia Uniforms
  • General Epaulets (and pips) are not color-able and are gold by default. Really, if they are not going to be color-able then they should at least be the right color, Silver. The best idea would be to make them color-able, like every other rank pip in the game.

  • The decorative cut-out on the Belt is wrong. It should be three slits in a diagonal pattern, not vertical.

  • The Male version of both uniform tops is wrong. At the point where the shoulder color goes under the arms it should dip slightly in the same way as the Female versions of the uniforms.

  • There is no Medical variant of the uniform.

Off Duty clothing

Starfleet Uniform Requests

Klingon BO Honour Sash / Baldric

Flight Suits

Option to remove Cummerbund from AGT uniforms.
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Klingon Defence Force

  • Nausicaans are no where near as tall as some of the Nausicaan NPCs, and (Like the pre-overhaul Gorn) seem to be restricted to human proportions. (Most of the Nausicaans in ST are much taller than the humans, many of the Nausicaan NPCs are as well.)
  • Also, the STO Nausicaans look like very poor imitations of the canon Nausicaans:
  • Can the Nausicaans receive maybe a little overhaul / Makeover? Just a bit? Something to keep them from looking like they're made of play-doh?
  • TOS era uniforms:
    • Option has only the top (and aside from the shape of the pattern, it is quite unlike the canon TOS Klingon uniform tunic. 1 2). Missing proper belt, trousers, boots and baldric (Worn over left shoulder, not right)
    • The trousers, emblems and boots worn by the Klingons and B'vat in the Guardian of Forever mission and various other Klingons in the time travel missions are completely unavailable.
    • Female Klingons do not have a canonical TOS outfit. Reference pics: 1 2 courtesy SirCatoKnot and Alien_de_jour.
  • TNG era uniforms:

    • Klingon collars: Still unable to remove from Gorn

    • Klingon gauntlets: Gauntlet 3 should be cloned into a Gauntlet 4 which would have an additional glove with claws over the knuckles, like in the series.

    • Sleeves: The canonical Klingon warriors quite often wore loose/baggy "fur" sleeves as a part of their armour bloused into their gauntlets. (NOT furry shirts beneath their armour)

    • Boots: The new bulky boots are disappointingly short. The TOS boots are knee highs.

    • Armour Chest: It is similar to the canonical armour, but missing the cylindrical chest belt that connects over the sternum.

    • Armour Shoulders: The standard set looks like the canonical armour laid over huge chunks of solid material. The layered armour looks much closer to canon; why not remove the lower two layers for the standard shoulder armour?

    • Female Armour: The lower part of the female armour is always attached, even if one selects the option to show skin. So if one takes the skin option for the armour top, she now has an odd looking skirt attached to the bottom still.

    • Honour cloaks: Per a very old post by the devs, being added as admiral rank unlock, going against canon. At most it should be an honour unlock or rank should be captain and non-Klingons should have to go through a separate mission to prove their honour and bring glory to the Empire.

    • Honour Sash: Some of the sashes clip with the shoulder pads. Perhaps add a right shoulder option that has the sash attached to a pauldron.

    • Racial attire:
      • Lethean still have no racial attire. Letheans are still stuck with Klingon gear. Admittedly there is no Lethean gear on any of the Lethean NPCs, but it would be nice to have the option to wear Nausicaan and/or Orion gear.

      • The Orion Harnesses cannot be used with the Bare Chest options for Orion Males. See these guides: Orion Male 1 and Orion Male 2. These are based on Orion outfits as seen in Enterprise and are nearly identical to the ones you can currently see in-game in the Stranded in Space mission. Also, using them with any kind of Armor causes very bad clipping and total obscuration of some parts of the Harnesses.

    • Fix Wonky costume options: Some racial options seem to be afterthoughts (removing a Nausicaan's hair leaves it with a shelf where its forehead drops down to its crown.) Some racial options are just not there for players.

  • Cryptic uniforms:

    • Mk XIII Honour Guard armour set causing pigeon toe on Orion Females when they walk or run.

KDF Uniform Requests
  • Allow Nausicaan blades/armour on Gorn, Lethean and Alien race tailors.
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Reserved for overflow 3
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Reserved for overflow 5

We're getting additional factions, after all. I think I've learned my lesson with the Starship model: errors, issues and feedback thread.
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Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
AGT Uniforms

Unless you use the WoK belt, the uniform looks as if it has a cummerbund[/list]
I'm 90% sure the AGT uniform *does* have a cumberbund:,_Endgame.jpg
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Originally Posted by Cuatela
I'm 90% sure the AGT uniform *does* have a cumberbund:,_Endgame.jpg
My mistake I'll cut that. I thought they were like the series 1 TNG pyjamas. :3
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Finally, thank you for making this thread. Its quite needed, as an easier resource for Mhighison (or others) to get the uniforms as right as possible.
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Originally Posted by Morgomir View Post
Finally, thank you for making this thread. Its quite needed, as an easier resource for Mhighison (or others) to get the uniforms as right as possible.
My pleasure, I should have done it sooner. :3

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