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# 1 Using DS9 For Foundry Mission
03-01-2011, 07:36 PM
I have what is probably a stupid question but am unable to figure it out....

I would like to design a mission where you go to DS9, rendezvous with someone on the DS9 interior map then transition to DS9 space map.

My problem is that I can't figure out how to start the mission on DS9. I'm stuck at trying to pick the correct "Leave From" area. It seems easy enough to pick a random planet, say Risa for example but how do I pick the DS9 system so I can "leave" from there and beam down to the station?

I'd be fine with either starting the mission in space at DS9 or the interior, but right now the only way I can seem to actually get there is to either "beam" there from another planet, or "leave" there through one of the cargo doors on DS9.

Thanks in advance for any input on how to start a mission on the DS9 interior.
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# 2
03-02-2011, 07:37 PM

LEAVE FROM: DS9 Interior ______
COSTUME: Character Description
STYLE: Emotion
TEXT: Dialogue
BUTTON: Button

Find the DS9 interior map and find a trigger like a contact or a door that you can use. Work it into the Story

The created exerior Ds9 map.

This is an example of my mission at ESD.

COSTUME: Science Away team
STYLE: Happy
TEXT: Sorry to disturb you Captain but the tailor has just finished the alterations on your new Uniform and was wondering if you wouldn't mind dropping by at your next convenience. Oh and Caldwell sends her love. BONDI BEACH IS AWSOME! Sorry sir, shore leave brings out the worst in me.
COSTUME Caldwell
TEXT: BONDI BEACH IS AWSOME! Shore leave brings the worst out of me. Let me know what the new uniforms like [NickName].
BUTTON:"Hope your having fun ensign."
Popup Dialog
COSTUME comm swrd klink
STYLE: Happy
TEXT: [FirstName] [LastName]. I'm still waiting for you to come and pick up your new uniform. Remember me, I'm the tailor at Space Dock.
BUTTON: "On my way."

COSTUME: Tailor Room
STYLE: Millitary
TEXT: [Rank], I have the transporter locked on your co-ordinance if you would like to return to the ship.
BUTTON:"One to beam up"
SPAWN AT: Space Dock.

The next tool box must be set to connect to the DS9 space map you have created for your mission

Bit rough hope It helps. There are hundreds of posts on this topic search before you ask.

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