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# 1 First Day, First Impressions
03-03-2011, 01:44 AM
I bought the game this week and managed about 8 hours of play (was home with my sick daughter who basically slept the entire time)... Anway I held out for this game, Im a huge Star Trek fan and generally MMO's usually disapoint me at releases so I tend to stay away for the first year or so. With the price reduction and availability on steam combined with the good feedback in recent days and many added features I was out of reasons not to try it.

So I spent 8 hours playing the game and I have to say I both love it for what it is, and hate it for what it should be. I have this sense of the game that its on the verge of something really great, but certain features are so frustratingly bad that it just overwhelms the positive experiance.

Some of the things I really loved was

Character Creation: So Star Trek its awsome, I loved it, plain and simple

Ship Design. Again, I dont see how it could be improved, it was just pure joy.

Graphics: Awsome, effects as well, the space battles are phenominal looking.

Interface: It is a great interface, it can be a bit tough to find things but I'm working on the assumption this is more a newbie problem then a game problem.

Where the game kind of frustrated me was in its direction and its use of some outdated methods for direction. Their is always some critical piece of information missing. For example sometimes you get the sector but not the system, or you get the sector and system but not where the person is. I probobly spent 4 of the 8 hours simply walking around either in missions or trying to find mission locations and frankly I was bored and several times almost logged off out of frustration. In particular I found it frustrating to find individual people, their is no directionaly display in the hud, just a large circle that encompasses often several areas and you still have to search for the person. Sometimes the person you are looking for doesn't have an icon over his head and other times you walk into a room with lots of people with Icons and you have to wander around. What this game needs is some sort of very specific X marks the spot type hud display so that its easy to find people.

Now I understand that exploration is part of the game but its not exploration when your trying to find a guy to complete a mission or start one. It was quite frustrating and creates a lot of wandering around aimlessly situations that are simply not fun in any way shape or form.

Beyond that I thought some of the mission writing was extremly stale. Vague directions, information and often dull and poorly written dialogue really takes away from the experiance. The voice overs are atrocious and unexciting mixed with the bland writing I often click through chats with NPC's so I wouldn't have to listen to the dreary monologue. Which is odd because sometimes when you enter a system you get some really cool dialogue especially when Nimoy gives you background information on a area you just entered... we need more nimo and considerably less .... blandness.

All together not a terrible experiance, I was really hoping for more but was glad I didn't find less. One of the key features I was really hoping for was to give me the ability to pilot my ship from the bridge, but unfortunatly right now it is more of a display without any functionality, I really hope that in the future we get some features added here.

Also I really thought the warp flight stuff was kind of lame... a lot of waiting around, flying through bland empty space to get to a location.. Warping from encounter to encounter should have an option that allows you to speed things up.

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