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# 1 Tired of ships on the C-Store
03-03-2011, 07:33 AM
I almost posted this in reply in the MVAM Escort feedback thread, but realized that it would be off-topic. I'm voicing my opinion here then.

When the MVAM was introduced as a console, I was hoping for more game progression such as hopefully some crafting method to obtain it (Even though the Delta Flyer crafting is still MIA) perhaps even a little quest line to help "test it." What we were offered was another cash grab for players to get something.

IMO, If every-single new ship or art release is going to end up on the C-STORE get rid of the subscription fee. It makes absolutely no sense. I have to pay almost $19 to have ship bundles like the D'Kyr or the retrofits. That's over one month's worth of subscription! So if I continue playing, you're going to get my money anyway, why charge me more?

The flip-side of buying via emblems is just such a grind. It will take me months to gather enough to buy all the available ships via in-game only. That's not very reasonable if I want to take a more relaxed approach to my gaming. By the time I have enough emblems the "Monthly ship release" comes around and I need to start the grind again. Why can't these art assets be budgeted from the subscription? Or made cheaper?

The choice: A month of game-time at all or a month of grind

And don't get me wrong, I understand that you're not simply putting everything on the C-Store. I think the team has done a magnificent job with the Weekly and the Season updates. But the C-Store works best for cosmetic little things. Ships do not belong in the store.

Besides, this micro-transaction economy model works well for FREE TO PLAY games, not subscription-based.

PLEASE! Fill the C-Store with Avatar/bridge costumes, pets, even the consumables bonus xp things. NOT FUNCTIONAL SHIPS. And if you MUST have them on the C-Store, I think $10 for a ship is a more reasonable price, $5 for the shuttles. Most of these ships take about a month or two for the team to get them to tribble. Sometimes more. Subscribed players payed during that time. If we fraction that subscription fee, we have payed some of those "Atari Points" and emblems through our monthly fee. PLEASE lower the price at the very least. Or remove them altogether and give me fun ways to get them in-game.

A matching emblem cost to more casual 300 or so would also be reasonable. I can get my ships in a more reasonable time frame, and I can have money to pay the subscription for another month.

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