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Starting Monday I want to start working on a Resource guide for foundry. This idea has been tossed around the forums allot and please let me know if anyone else has started working on it.

A resource guide including every map, building, details, object, animations...

I would like to do it in google docs and give any volunteers access.
Eventually I would like to add the content to StarbaseUGC as well as turn it into a pdf for anyone to access.

Here are some ideas.
Pictures of maps.
Video walkthrough's.

The complete guide will be for foundry authors to be able to look through and have a clearer idea of all the resources.

Volunteers I'd like, would have to have a good Knoledge of the following.
  • Photoshop
  • Html coding
  • Youtube
  • Video editing
  • Database or wiki information entry
  • PhotoBucket

And most but not least, be able to be patient with a dyslexic.

All ideas and Volunteers welcome.

If you would like to see any of my content for Foundry. Head over to StarbaseUGC.

Please only volunteer if you have a thick skin and are open to others opinions as well as collaboration.

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