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Zero told me to post this! I'm not sure what is the bug, precisely, but hopefully this helps describe the overall situation.

With a KDF foundry character, I started creating a Klingon side mission. The mission's initial contact is on Qo'nos, and I also built a space and ground map as well to play with. This mission is unpublished, never has been published as its very unfinished. Project ST-TMMRPS9V6

When I pressed play mission in the foundry for the mission preview, it puts me on Qo'nos with the test character. I also got the popup for the initial Klingon mission "Honor Bound", the one where you go and prove yourself in one on one combat, against three different other KDF people. After talking to one of the persons to turn them hostile, I could use the kill target button on them to speed the mission along. After killing the three I needed to, the mission completed and I got the appropriate rewards, including the initial three KDF bridge officers, a Gorn tac, Klingon female sci, and Klingon male eng.

From that detour, I proceeded to start my mission, which starts with a talk with one of the Orions in the bar. From there I move off to the first mission map, the door being at Donatu in Eta Eridani. This leads to a space map, and my BOs have taken their appropriate seats on the ship with their relevant powers available for me to use with the test character.

The space part of the mission leads to a ground part, and all three of those officers and a redshirt Bekk beam down with me. This ground portion of the mission has a lot of dialogue that is supposed to come from different officers. I have it setup so that each of the away team tactical, engineer, and science officers have things to say in the mission. However, only the Gorn tac officer was saying anything, saying the dialogue parts of each officer instead of only the tactical part.

Somewhere in there is a bug or two or three, hopefully that is enough information to help find them.

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