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03-05-2011, 12:07 AM
Ok so i am back. I apologise to the Mod Gods if this is considered "necro" but to me it's still a valid topic and i only stopped posting in it because the real life monster's size 16 steel-capped me in the danglies and i was off line for 2+ weeks.

Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
You could go ahead and do the Empire defense mission over and over, but I find that the XP you get from the reward plus the xp from fighting is not quite as much as droning through the space explores in nebulae. You can actually go around and camp a few places in each nebula that respawn faster than anything else does in the nebula which makes that way a bit faster than empire defense missions.
This is pretty much my experience having played so far as my KDF toon.

Now that i am back, i am gonna try and do at least one of the 2 FE's i missed to get caught up on them on my FED Science Officer before server down. If i can sneak both in most of tomorrow will be devoted to levelling my Klingon and (hopefully) getting my next tier ship.

oh and i missed the helpful peopls in this thread while i was offline - cheers all.

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