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# 1 Are you looking for a fleet
03-05-2011, 10:50 AM
There are many good fleets in this community and i am not gonna start pointing out which on is good and which one is bad because that would be the immature thing a person would do.

I know that we are a big community and i am not saying that we are the best and if someone says that i can hardly believe it , we always find some one who is stronger than yourself.

but what i know about my fleet is that we are very organized and friendly

you are more then welcomed to come visit us on our Teamspeak 3

the info is and port 2264
just a quick note there is a security thing and just accept it
keep the link on to this thread handy if some one asks you where you got the link

our forums go ahead and register and just talk you don't have to join the bloody fleet to talk to us

and im sure this goes for most of the the federation part atleast lool !!

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