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03-05-2011, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by CpThornton
I went to the Fleet web site and read through all the Fleet rules and description posts.
Some of the ranking levels and such seemed a little overwhelming, so many available.
I'm not sure that I understand the request for the fleet application.
Does the fleet require a applicant to create/write a role playing character or some form of bio?
Role playing is not my thing. I just want to casually group when I can with some good mature people, hopefully learn from them and give back to the community once I know enough to do so.
Honestly, I am wondering if I may be too causal to fit your fleet.
Not a negative at all but Aurora is very organized and portrays a sense of professionalism that I feel I may not meet. Playing for a year solo is one thing but you have a very tight organization and it seems almost daunting from the outside observation area so to speak.
Thornton.... I completely understand. I hated reading all the "rules", and thought these guys are nuts! I am the most casual one in the fleet I think. If you join you may beat me at that. If you don't mind let me put it in a set of Cliff's notes for you....

1. Do a quick little story if you can in the application area, and receive an invite to the fleet. (only time you have to do this! THANKFULLY!)
2. They'll do a roll call, answer "BOOMER SOONER!" or whatever you like.
3. About a week after that you should get the notice that you are a full member.
4. After that answer the monthly roll call to show you are still active.

Heck...if you don't tell anyone....I'll tell you a secret.... I hate RPing and think it's nuts! BUT they do have a purpose in life. Seriously, my online activities usually involve the following things:

1. helping out the newer members.
2. teaming with others on missions.
3. chit-chatting with others in the group as I solo some missions.
4. getting help from others while learning the pvp aspect of the game.

That's pretty casual if you ask me.

But the key thing is you gotta be comfortable in the fleet that you choose. Good luck in your search, and if you are still interested look me or any of the other AF members up in game.

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