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03-05-2011, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by WeirdStealth
Ok, lets say I'm right, lets say I'm a Cryptic apologist, and I'm just making ****ing excuses.
Here's my two questions to you.
Who are you to even make them try to fix it just because you're complaining about it? A Paying customer, thats who.
Why do you give two s**ts about the model not being just like it was in the TV show?Because if i want to fly the Prometheus i want it damn and well to actually look like the Prometheus

I wasn't trying to make up an excuse, I was mostly trying to point out that it doesn't really mater.
#1: this is a game. Correct, a Star Trek game which also contains "canon" ships
#2: Changes in things happen, if they didn't the computer at your desk would still be the size of a small room and have less memory than your watch. That may be true in reality, but this is as you said, a game.
#3: The game has been out for 2 to 3 years, and if you've been battling this sense the beta, even if you held some weight in what Cryptic does, don't you think they would of fixed it by now?Ummm what? This game has only been out for a little over "one" year, and there are still things glitched and broken since Beta which are actually planned to be fixed.
#4: it's not a sloppy model, I've seen sloppy modes, the model of this doesn't have holes in it, or random spikes poking out of it, and at lest it's shape is 90% the same as the Original design for the Prometheus.Try 75% and its been confirmed that the original artist who created the ships, including the prometheus, did not care at all wether they were accurate or not.
#5: if the problem you're worrying about is on the bottom of the ship, WHY DOES IT MATTER, it's on the bottom of the ship, you'll rarely see it, so why would it bother you.I see it whenever i attack a ship or look at anything above me, and i will see it eveven more when flying the Gamma section in MVAM
If you have nothing at all constructive to add why even bother posting in this thread at all?
You obviously don't care.

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