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# 1 Missing text listed in tasks
03-06-2011, 10:25 AM
yesterday, I was working on some branching dialogue. The client kept crashing on me when i would click on one of the popup boxes. The last time it crashed on me, I was moving a popup from one branch to another. When I finally got back into foundry, the entire tier of branching dialogue was gone. When i went through all of the work of recreating the dialogue that I had lost, I ended up with three tasks stating "text must be filled in" pointing to the branching dialogue tree I had just completed. I've tried to access the tasks from else where in the foundry, with the same results. It returns me to the completed dialogue tree. This morning, I returned to the fourndry and the tasks were still there. When I click on them, same thing occurs. I'm taken to the completed dialogue tree.

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