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# 1 Heya!
03-06-2011, 10:16 PM
Hi, I am Pink - some of you may well know me from Champions Online, where I spend the... vast majority of my time going about kicking villain arse. Which may make you wonder - wait, what are you doing here?

I was randomly browsing in my local video game store, and found a copy of STO, retail, for $20. I thought, "Hey, that's cheap. Like - that's a month's subscription, and I don't have to destroy my download limit..."

I had been considering it on and off, but never had a reason, but I was playing one Cryptic MMO, and despite the amount of complaining I post on the forums, I do love it. And Star Trek always seemed like an okay show. Just needed a little push.

Anyway, I have never seen an episode aside from one really old film I saw in high school, with Captain Picard as the captain and some weird special effects involving time and someone choosing to live with an alien woman - I still do not know why we watched it.

But hey, Champions is fun, right?

How much different can it be?

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