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So i decided that i'd try to respec my Science Captain so where he had ALL his ground Skills Maxed, this is mostly for the trainable skills, since i don't care all that much about, nor do i think that the skill points placed in the skills actually help all that much anyway.

Come to Find there is a Serious Problem here, "Nanite Treatments" Only allow the Player to train Bridge Officers in Nanite Health Monitor 1 (NHM1), after some looking i noticed something

NHM1 is a Skill already found on most White rarity BO's
NHM1 is a Skill that can be trained from BO skill trainers

and "Molecular chemistry" doesn't unlock any skills to train BO's at all!
Tachyon Harmonic 3 would be nice to be able to train BO's in
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03-07-2011, 07:56 AM
I would also like to see Nanite Treatments 9 let you teach Nanite Health Monitor 2 to your BOff's.

It's an end-game ground skill, and letting you teach a basic level 1 skill already available at the skill trainer is just redundant and useless. If you are putting so many skill points into it to level it to 9 you should earn something nice, you know?
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03-07-2011, 08:15 AM
Most things relating to BOs ae half finished all around. Lets hope that after the crew roster is finished we will get the many many fixes the system needs to be fully functional. Right now don't even try to focus on one skill. Its a needle in a haystack of mess.

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