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# 1 Strategy for fighting Hakeev
03-07-2011, 08:47 AM
To start with, I've only played through Cutting the Cord once and while I did kill Hakeev, it was a particularly difficult fight and ended with the superman jumping and I was not able to complete the mission as one of Hakeev's guards was on top of a building alive and would not come down and could not be shot.

On to my question:
What strategy did you use to kill Hakeev?
Kill his guards first and then focus on him?
How did you get the stupid reinforcements to not stand next to the Thalaron weapon and melee attack it?

One time I died and Hakeev and his guards left the plaza we were in and went to attack the Remans in the alley I used to reach the plaza where more Romulans joined. Is this usual?

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