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I've just republished my mission called "Dynamo Distress", after remastering it using the new features in the Foundry v0.5.


a) The backdrop of the Dace System now looks more like it does in the actual real patrol mission by Cryptic. It also features tie-ins with the storyline of the archaeological finds on the planet.

b) Shorter distance to cover on the Briar Patch map - after some feedback about travelling long distances on the Briar Patch map where you can't use full impulse, I've shortened the distance between the objectives.

c) Branching dialogues added to the characters, with a little bit more backstory and character information.

d) Optional sub-quest: Save the injured engineers - in the original mission, you had to scan bodies of dead crewmembers and report that no-one survived. But now... it's possible to save some of them! Depending on your actions the lives of four crew members on the verge of death hangs in the balance.

If you're looking for something to play, then try it out!


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