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Hi, I was testing my mission just now and I noticed that on two occasions that the next mission objective didn't appear and the mission was not able to move on.

One mission objective was a reach marker in space, and the other was a ground encounter. When testing the maps and actually playtesting the mission, the reach marker objective didn't show up after the previous objective was complete. Yet in the Story tab, the objective was there and on the map, the reach marker was placed properly.

With the ground encounter with an enemy squad, when I placed the npc squad on the map and tested it, they appeared as they should. However, when I attached a kill targets objective on them, they failed to spawn when the objective before it was complete.

Has this happened to anyone else? And any suggestions?



I just realized that each mission objective before those in question are dialog pop-ups with branching dialog in them. That might help narrowing down the problem.

Okay, so I just realized this has to do with the branching dialog, then I read the thread a few rows down. I can fix it so that the conversation ends with one checked flag only. If you've already made a note of this issue before, I apologize and you can delete this thread. But it's still an issue.
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# 2
03-06-2011, 01:12 PM
Thanks for your bug report!
It does sound like this is just another instance of the branching popup dialogs.
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03-08-2011, 10:35 AM
Advanced dialogues are not working with the next objective being a place marker before or after it.

Please fix.

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