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I had a vision: Use a map/route more then once.

The situation is this: 2 rooms, 1 corridor inbetween.

Beam in, room A. Objective is in room B so need to run through the corridor. Objective is complete, next objective is back in Room A, so player runs through the same corridor to the point of arrival.

I wanted to be able to spawn a forcefield and a plasma fire upon reaching a marker inside the corridor the SECOND time a player runs through the corridor passing that Place Marker. So, I linked the Place Marker to Objective Complete of the first objective.

This does not work, however. The Place Marker is active the FIRST time a player crosses the corridor and thus seems not to be linked to the first objective.

This is unfortunate, because if this were possible, us writers would be possible to use more dimensions using a single map for all players to enjoy. Not a one-way street. Please consider the pro's on this, because there are many, many possibilities if we would be able to use such an option.

Thank you again for your great works on the Foundry!!!!

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