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Why are these items marked as unique? So the melee weapons pack is not, meaning you can kit out your entire away team with these weapons. And as a single character you can't really benefit from more than one at a time, so why are these items flagged as unique?

PvP where the TR-116 is the most harmful to game balance, but removing the unique tag wouldn't really allow for a character to anything they can't now except dual using it.

As for the armor, I've got nothing, it's a per character limit, so why not allow us to get a unique (and consistent) look for our away teams with it?
Lt. Commander
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03-09-2011, 02:43 AM
weapons marked as unique normally offer something special in terms of damage. they dont want you equipping your entire away team with them.

weapons like the melee pack are pretty poor weapons in the grand scheme of things. the upside is they level. so its no real harm making them reclaimable as your effectively equipping your entire team with sub-par weapons.
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03-09-2011, 01:32 PM
Except, the rifle and armor are non-scaling. Sure they're **** kickers at low levels, but by the time you hit commander the only application for the rifle is against the Borg or for entertainment.

I agree, if they were scaling weapons that would be a bit too much, but they're not, they're fixed low level items, and while the TR-116 does out preform every other T1 weapon by the time you're racking up the mk IVs it's just not that overwhelming anymore.

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