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Originally Posted by CaptainAuditore
I think the game should be completely free. Ok, maybe not completely free; you could have it set up so that certain accessories and mods require one payment for each accessory/mod. I mean, Cryptic has STO and Champions Online. If you made the game free (meaning that we dont have to subscribe to play the full game) you'd probably get a lot more sales, which means you'd still be getting profit from the selling of the game, plus you could still charge subscriptions for Champions Online. Not every star trek fan has $300 dollars to buy a lifetime subscription, and not every family can support monthly subscription fees. Think about it from the consumer's point of view. The economy's in turmoil. and many families have bigger finincial concerns than making subscripton payments. I'm not saying make the entire game free (You can still charge for certain accessories and mods at one payment per accessory/mod, like i said earlier), just make it so that those of us who can't afford subscriptions can play the full game without having to spend money every month.
We call that a F2P game, which is what Champions is now.

And you are far from the first person to mention this, they haven't done it and if you cant afford it, don't buy it. No offense, but in life you don't get things for free simply because you can't afford it.

Since the game obviously makes far more money with subscriptions than without them (or else it would be F2P already), its safe to say this won't be happening soon.

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