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Hi all

I'm having a problem with my bridge officer assignment stations. All 4 officers have been promoted to commanders (I've also spent plenty of skill points on them). however on the assigments ship stations screen only one shows the rank of commander an has the 4 skills the other 3 are shown as Lt with two shiip station powers?

I had a problem dating back to when I changed ship for a mission and used a shuttle and when I returned to my main ship had to reassign all the ship stations. Is this the problem? Or have I done something stupid?

I'd love to hear any suggestions! Many thanks!!!
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03-10-2011, 06:08 AM
In space, bridge stations limit how many skills you have access to. So, pulling a random ship, the tier 4 Galaxy has a commander engineer, and a lieutenant of each class. You can put a commander in those three lieutenant stations, but they're limited to lieutenant level powers, while the commander has full access.

If you look at the ship chart, the main way that different ship classes are set apart is by different bridge power layouts.

As for reassigning positions when you switch ships, it's just a limitation of the game. Most shuttles only have one bridge station, so it unassigns your other officers. If you switch from, for example, an advanced escort to a fleet escort, it'll unassign one of your science officers because the fleet escort has a second engineer instead.
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03-10-2011, 07:57 AM
Thanks for the help.
I realised not long after I posted the question I should have checked that. Thanks for the answer and replying to my query. I've gotten used to the ground ability of the same officers in not being restricted.

Sometimes you get caught up in the game and you miss the most obivious things!

Cheers, Hevach

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