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# 1 Prometheus MVAM graphic issues
03-10-2011, 03:50 PM
Just wanted to get these up here..

1) First issue is that when you seperate the ship keeps to the model you are using, when you recombine the ship, it takes on the normal prometheus model then when finally it all converges into one ship.. it "auto fixes" itself to go back to the model of ship you are using. You should be able to seperate from the model you are using and it keep that "image" and when it recombines it should be a smooth recombine and keep to your ships model

2) Decals on the prometheus ship need to be fixed. Some of the models of the advanced escort the decals hover over the the hull in open space.

3) kits (borg,aegis and romulan) that alter your ships looks, should be applyed to all pieces even in seperation

4) this is a none graphic issue but your display name on your ship should be on all ships.. kinda help so that people dont know which part your in =)

5) The nacelles on the saucer section do not come out at all. This needs to be fixed. And make sure they also come out if your not piloting that piece.

- anyone else please post if you have seen more issues.

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