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# 1 Foundry Cutscenes
03-11-2011, 02:48 AM
Sorry if this has been discussed before. For some time ive been out on a computer thanks to a faulty HDD.

We have all been treated to cut-scene treatment in the remastered azura and recent Romulan Cloaked Intentions series.

So, what I was thinking is how complicated are these cutscenes? How much work goes into doing up one? Is there now a specific in-engine tool for doing this?

And if its not too hard, can we get it, or is it already on the drawing board for the foundry? The very long term board, probably, if its there.

Theres no dying need for this yet, as we've got plenty of other basic things that should come first for the foundry. But since, IMO, the foundry is about creating stories, plots and events, this would be a nice addition, if possible.

Whether the cut-scenes were a welcome addition or not is a separate matter. In any case, most of the complaints, if any, are in the implementation and not many people are against cutscenes in general. Plenty of people around here have already proven they'll do right by them.

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