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# 1 I Have Questions!
03-11-2011, 04:51 AM
1. Can I have a pony?

2. Is it true that cake > pie?

3. There is an asteroid the size of King Kongs first dump of the day. If I am travelling at 34ms, I have a stopping distance of 12 clicks, and my space ship has a mass of 45WT, do I have enough time to either:
A. Swerve to miss it?
B. Blast it with the waste/garbage cannon?
C. Transfer to another dimension?
D. Turn on the windscreen wipers?
E. Change the light bulb so we can move to brown alert?

4. Are museums really that good?

5. Captains Table. Waste of development time?

6. Does anyone want a free code for my special edition freebies? (I only activated the base game)

7. Cosplay: would you?

8. Ravenstein > Capulet. Discuss.

9. Hortas. Cute pets or more annoying than rubbish / **** you've just stepped in?

10. Is this game throwing canon out the window faster than a computer user with a BBC Micro?

11. It's your birthday. Do you expect:
A. e-hugs?
B. cake?
C. bacon?
D. money?

12. Hort: pervert or just a sad loner?

13. Is the recession that bad or do only bathe once a year?

14. Ten Forward > rest of the forums. Agree.

15. Lifetime memberships: game savior or money spinner?

16. IF Ten Forward was to become an MMO, would you play it?

17. Should be stop breeding and just make clones instead?

17. Did you notice the number was out on this question or are you that gullible?

19. Captain's log, supplemental: am I really that ugly?

20. Thank you. Do you feel happier now?

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