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I hate grinding.. I hate grinding even worse as a Klingon.. Warriors do not Grind...

Really need to get the holes plugged and get some more mission content for Klingons across the board from Lt all the way to Major General. But mostly in the Lt Commander to General. Honestly please lets get some more mossions out for the Klingons during this apparent lull between now and the next "season" and weekly series. Apparently we're looking at a several month lull in content which can't be good, but the Klingons still need content.... period.

Need a d-7/K'tinga with skin textures and detail that looks more like the STMP D07's and the Undiscovered Country K'tinga. ALl that lovely surface detail thats missing which can be done with textures.. Ask any of the guys that used to do models and textures for SFC-II. It's difficult but it can also be done in a short amount of time. And please.. there is a great deal of want for a t-5 K'tinga/D-7

Consider adding the D-5 from Enterprise as a possible additional t-2 battlecruiser hull, and of course the Bird of Prey from the entrprise era would be interesting also. There were also some other fed ships from enterprise which would make some very interesting additions to the game.

I've been levelling up to Klingons and discovering that I'm hetting the grind wall at Lt-Cmdr 2. Star cluster missions can be awefully repetitious and the badge of exploration rewards which for themost part are limited to Uncommon are not that much to right home about considering how long it takes to get them, and the surplus you end up having. There are customers who want to play Klingon but are NOT interested in PvP.

Khemaraa sends

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