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03-11-2011, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by Shaun421 View Post
Am I the only one who thought "Klingon Melting Pot" was the next C-Store item?
Nope^^ I fell for the same....

Originally Posted by superchum View Post
You should just use Klingon BOs then? Might bring the immersion back for you? I dunno. Just a thought.
Well that leaves just the other 100 crewmembers beeing orions and gorn and nausicans.... very helpfull. Ther ARE people actually visiting their interiors now and then.

Originally Posted by Kastigar
I'm essentially on the same page. But I find the entire Klingon situation to be BS anyways. The whole split of the Empire and the Federation is pretty poor storytelling for the sake of PVP (as is killing of fantastic characters like Martok).

Thank god nothing but shows and movies are considered canon, maybe one day CBS/Paramount will come back and do a post Nemesis movie and negate some of this extended universe stuff.
Well didnt I comment something like that already today? ah here it is:
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Also, I still believe that this Jem'pok-idiot is a changeling/undine anyway. (I still hope Martok faked his death, returns and kicks that guys *****. But well... faking death.... thats not the Klingon way, so thats not a really big hope^^)

That doesnt mean I like the fed-kling war. The Klingon-federation peace, starting in ST6, was for me one of the greatest moments in Star Trek history. Throwing that away simply for the benefit of having both fight each other somehow is something I coulndt hate more. The star trek universe has to offer more then enough enemys. And the Klingons were just more intresting as a little unpredictable allies then as enemys.

But in STO they are portrayed as nothing but dump space-orks, and I dont even want to start to talk again about what I thing about Ideas as retardet as a "orion-klingon"alliance....
( I hate to repeat myself^^)

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