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03-12-2011, 08:39 AM
I had an idea, I've noticed that after awhile bridge officer points become sort of pointless. I would like to see a way to advance the officer slots on your ship wiht them.

1) For a certain number of points you can "Promote" a slot in your ship with the following restrictions.
a)The primary officer slot must remain the highest rank but ofthers can be promoted. For example a
Cruiser has 2 Engineering slots, 1 Tactical, 1 Science. The max you could raise these would be 1
Engineer Commander, 1 Engineer Lt. Cmndr, 1 Tactical Lt. Cmndr, 1 Science Lt. Cmndr.
b) The highest ranking slot must be one level below the officer when you are capable of recieving a
ship. Example you can recieve a ship at Commander, your "First Officer" slot cannot exceed Lt.
Cmndr and no other slot can exceed Lt.
c) The points you expend to promote a slot transferrs between ships

2) The ability to "buy" additional officer slots for a ship, again limiting by ship type so that balance can be kept.

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