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Answers are in color.

Originally Posted by Stefson
Great link, thanks!!

A long way to go to get a recon vessel :/
So there are no free upgrade ships you get when obtaining a new rank?

You get a free ship with every rank.

Upon reaching Lt.comm., do you recommend upgrading to the appropriate science vessel? Or should I go with a cruiser (as a science officer)?

You can pick which ever ship you want. I would say most people pick the ship that is appropriate for their class, but nothing says that you have to. A sci ship gives you more sci skills to have on your ship. A cruiser gives you more engineering skills, and an escort gives you more tactical skills to choose from.

Also, is there anything special you have to do/can do to earn energy credits? I pretty much sell most stuff (that I don't need ofc)I to the Ferengi vendor on the earth spacedock.

The Ferengi is a rip off. He only gives you 30% of the value (I think). Instead, you should sell to the Starfleet officer. She gives you 50%

The exchange terminal at the spacedock, does it function as a player auctionhouse?


What are those VA badges referred to at the top of that chart? Do you get those from doing missions at maxed level?

If you are talking about emblems, they are the currency used to get items at max level.

So many questions
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Originally Posted by Stefson
Great, thanks.
Are the Sol and Polaris decent ships to fly solo missions?

Also, yesterday I did a lvl 4 mission, can't remember the name, that was about Klingons attacking a deepspace station, and I was to head over there and aid in the defence. Upon zoning I noticed a lot of Klingon baddies.

Are these missions intended to be played solo? Because they pretty much all jump on you when you get in range
The Sol and Polaris are the same ship really. It's just a different skin (kit parts) that are used on the ship's model. The important things is their ship type (Reconnaissance Science Vessel). All ship classes of that type are exactly the same, You can even mixed and match the parts on your ship. Virtually all ships have 2 or 3 varies (aka kits) which look ivisually distintive and you can mix and match parts if you like. You can trying things out at the Ship "Tailor" in any Ship Yard. You can edit your ship to trying out different parts and color, etc in the editor w/o commiting to any change. You can even try on the ship C-Store skins.

And you can solo just about anything in the game. There are certain missions and systems which are team content. The mission you mentioned (Starbase 24) is one such zone. The space portion and partially the ground portion are meant for multiple plaayers. It is possible to solo the ground part of the mission, if you takes things slow and easy and pull the differente groups out of aggro range. It's important to keep moving along as the groups you take down will respawn after a period of time. If you linger, you'll have to right them over again.

The enemcy ships you see slying in Sector Space lead to Deep Space Encounters. There are in are mutiple player zone as well. But they will scale to the number of players in the zone. If you are alone, there will be groups which can be handled by a single player. Other groups will have to be taken down by mutiple players.

And there are end game Special Task Forces (STF) which are very hard mission arcs meant to be plaided by 5 players (No Bridge Officers allowed). There you won't have access to until your are Rear Admiral.

And for the solo content, any combination of Captain and Ship Type is viable I have one character of each combat except for Science/Tactical.
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Originally Posted by solonite View Post
No what I meant was does the series scale with you as you level....say for example I finish series 3 and I am lv12 if I go back to series which is meant for a lv6 will I find it too easy or will it scale with me?

Also the business of getting series 3 done by 24th for limited rewards does that mean a new series is about to start?

Another question has the foundry started cause i can see a community authored mission...something about q
The Featured Series only have minimum levels in which you can start them. If you met the level requirement, the missions will scale to whatever level you are when you take the mission. IF you are level 13 (i.e. Lt. Commander 3), the mission will be for level 13.

The next Feature Series isn't going to start until Summer. What the devs are working on now are the Season 4 updates with more Klingon PvE cotent, a Klingon Tutorial, revamped ground combat, some Remastered missions, and more stuff. Once Season 4 is going iive, they will begin work on the next Featured Series.
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As yo which ship, you get that will up to you. As I previously said any combo will work. Ships have distinct specialties which align with Captain professions. Escorts are find and nimble ships which have enormous firepower (e.g. the Defiant). They are more fragile as their Shields and Hulll weakeast of all ships. Cruiser are the big strong beefy ships. They have very srong hulls and good shields. They are big and slow turning.(aka The Enterprises) But then can put out a strong and steady about of weapon fire. Science ships are more nimble then Cruisers (not quite up to Escort level) and they have the Strongest Shields of all. The also have lesser numbers of weapon slots. Science ships are about Control and Debuff of the enemy while you are blasting them out of the sky. Science ships don't kills the quickest, but they are do it in the greatest safety as you any and harrasse the enemy. (e.g. The USS Voyager)

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