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By adding "accolades" for Deep Space Encounters, the game designers have encouraged players to take their VA characters into DSEs and farm them.

The problem? Those of us on alts or playing the game for the first time are zoning in to get one-shotted by ships 30+ levels above us, because the DSE mobs are somehow level-adjusted to the VA players.

This has happened to me about a dozen times this week; it just happened again tonight. Zone in, die instantly. Respawn, die instantly. I tried changing instances and ran into the same problem.

Why? Because there are VA characters farming a Commander-level DSE in a Commander zone.

Because this is a problem caused directly by a game design decision, it shouldn't be hard to fix. I'm begging you, Cryptic, please address this issue in a timely fashion so we can play level-appropriate content on our lower-level toons. This is one of those maddeningly frustrating things about STO -- if the PvP queues are 45 minutes, and I'm looking for something else to do besides repeat missions and exploration, and on top of all that I cannot play a simple DSE for fun, that means I'm logging off and I'm not a happy customer. Please make this fix a priority.

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