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A: Once “Cloaked Intentions” wraps up next week, we will be focused on the Beta release of the Foundry on Holodeck so that everyone may begin to create and play missions. After that we will prepare the Season 4 release with Ground Combat updates, more Remastered Episodes, an updated Tutorial experience, and an update to Klingon mission progression. We have some other content plans that we have in the works as well, but we’re not talking about that just yet.

A: We do plan to change a decent amount of existing PVE Klingon content for the launch of Season 4. So you have at least until the end of June before it is changed. If there is a way we can carry over the Accolades, we will.
Reading these answers from the latest "Ask Cryptic", it seems the plan is only to modify the current PvE content. Neither of these answers says anything about adding more PvE content.. Even the last sentence in the first answer only says you have plans, but not whether those plans include adding more Klingon content for season 4, or just remastering existing content. Based on the wording of the rest of these two answers, it sounds more and more like we're only getting our current content remastered and shuffled around.

By the time season 4 gets here, the game will have been live for 1 1/3 years, with hardly any content exclusively for Klingons on either the PvE or PvP side of the fence. So, my question is, will we get new Klingon content with season 4 or not?

Edit: I left out this answer.
A: We will be looking at all the missions available to the KDF and looking for gaps that need episodes to help players have a smooth level progression. This may even include re-leveling some existing content to make leveling up smoother. As far as new races, we really want to focus on ensuring the existing ones we have are fully fleshed out and have a lot of good customization options first. That is one of the reasons we have been working updating the Gorn and making some basic costume changes across the board. Some of these changes will allow us to add in customization options that have been missing.
Even this answer really only hints that it's most likely just about shuffling Klingon PvE content around, not about adding more Klingon PvE content.
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# 2
03-10-2011, 01:01 PM
I'd say in the strictest sense... Yes, you'll get new content in Season 4. If only because the KDF is due to get it's own intro tutorial mission.

Will there be more than that? Only Cryptic can say... I would guess that there will be some remastered stuff, and then maybe more missions along the lines of the Pi Canis raids, possibly even 1 or 2 (at most) actual new KDF-only "story" missions. If there's more than that I will truly be surprised.

Though, and I do not mean this as an insult, I doubt hardcore KDF fans such as yourself will be satisifed, regardless.

Dan has already said in the past that the KDF will likely never have the "same" number of missions as the Feds, won't ever get the same amount of content, that the audience just isn't there. They have said many times that they plan to keep adding universal content to both factions, and to play catch-up with the KDF until it's at a reasonable level. But they've warned this will take time. I read that to mean on order of years, or at least certainly many months (ie seasons 5-7ish).

Please understand, I feel for the KDF players... I have both Feds and KDFs and enjoy both of the different playstyles. I, too, wish there was more meat 'n' potatoes to KDF gameplay. So I hold KDF fans in great respect for sticking with what their faction offers.

That said, I'll reiterate... Hardcore KDF fans won't be satisified because you all want it now, and unfortunately, it just ain't gonna happen that way. I expect the KDF content to trickle out slowly. Yes, some new stuff in S4, in S5, some in betweens, and so on, etc. Maybe by Year Two or Summer 2012 the KDF will be "finished."

That's what I expect anyway...
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# 3
03-10-2011, 02:01 PM
wow, i overlooked that. i have to assume they will because imagine it...there will be more outcry for Klingon Content so Klingon Content WILL be coming in one way or another.

to be fair, Klingons already have a bit to do...its just...hardly as much PvE content is available for KDF's than Feds. i want more Klingon Content DESPERATLY too....but time is something they need so I am willing to wait

and I agree with PatricianVetinari, hardcore KDF's will never be satisfied, particularly now, but I hope it doesnt take as long as up to Season 7 maybe Season 6 MAX in my hope
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03-10-2011, 02:34 PM
I have no illusions of ever even coming close to the content the Federation has. I just want enough content to not have to grind constantly or even periodically to get to the next rank. It's this grind that drove away the majority of the Klingon fans in the first place, which is why there are so few of us now, percentage wise, compared to those playing on the Federation side.

I think you're being a bit optimistic about what will come with season 4. I seriously doubt there will be any new content other than the tutorial itself. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find the Klingon tutorial is just the Federation tutorial with a fresh coat of paint, ie.remastered to the Klingons UI, Ships and NPCs, but having all the same objectives possibly on the same maps. I say this because with every season since season 1, we have been told the next season would have a lot of improvement to the Klingons, but come with very few if any. Why has this been happening time and again over the past year? Because we have such a small voice that out shouting is barely heard over the roar of the whispers of those who don't play the Klingon faction. Case in point - We brought up the problem of the excessive number of mines in PvP over a year ago. It took the new tractor mines, as deployed by Klingon fleets in PvP, to cause the Federation players to cry foul before the problem was even acknowledged and in a matter of days a possible solution was already proposed by the dev team. A solution, mind you, that could have been thought up, put on Tribble to test, reworked, retested and pushed to Holodeck by season 1 or 2 at the latest. This would have prevented, or at least significantly reduced the problem with the tractor mines well before it occurred.

If, as someone pointed out in a different thread, the Klingon faction's fans are only about 12% of the total STO player-base, then the devs should have been devoting 12% of the available manpower towards working on Klingon content. If they had been doing that from the beginning there would be a lot more Klingon content now than we actually have. they keep telling us they aren't going to drop what they're doing to work only on Klingon content and I don't expect them to. I do, however, expect them to stop dropping the little work they do do on Klingon Content, just because a bunch of folks asked for some new clothing set or ship skin for the Federation side. In other words, just show us they actually mean what they say about improving the Klingon faction's content by, as I already said, devoting as much of a percentage of the available manpower as there are current players of this faction. It might mean we get stuff slowly, but it'll at least be consistently. If this means new content every 2-3 months, then we will at least know we are actually getting it instead of just another promise that's half kept.

It's all a catch-22, chicken & egg, temporal loop situation. There are few active Klingon characters, due to lack of adequate content and they don't make adequate content, due to the lack of active Klingon characters. The only way to break this cycle is to change one aspect of it. Due to the nature of this cycle, the only aspect that can be changed is in the dev team's hands and that's to add enough content to attract more players.

Will these changes take time? Yes
Should they be as slow and sporadic as they have been over the last year? No, because that will not attract enough new players to the faction and will likely cause the the current numbers to continue to dwindle.
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# 5
03-10-2011, 02:41 PM
from what I heard, the main aim will be to lower the level requirement on the existing content so new players can play it after they complete the new tutorial. I think once they settle on the new levels they might add a little more content after that.
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# 6
03-11-2011, 11:47 AM
your asking in the wrong place for clarification, we dont earn the right as subscribers for the devs or cryptic team to answer us in our own forums or in kdf titles threads.
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# 7
03-12-2011, 02:09 AM
Just to clarify some things. The DEV-team has had over a year time to get more content for booth sides into the game.
But what happend...
1) They concentrated on things to change the whole gameplay.
I'm sorry to say it - but a year ago you played the game 180° from what it's now. And most of the changes where made cause one fraction was permanently loosing in PvP cause the other fraction just had PvP.

2) They added content - for one fraction and just recycled some of the instances/missions for the other fraction.

3) They put (useless) stuff in the C-Store. And most of it is just a new skin or just to show off. But other than that they added some nice ships.
And now look what we got and I just concentrat on KDF. Let's see... a new ugly carrier for TACs. Another cruiser nice for ENG, a wtf? science ship that it a healing boat that noone is using and last and least a new/old BoP that is kinda useless cause every other BoP on that tier is still better.

4) What else did they do.
- Cloack is broken. (Cause of healing skills and other imbalances.)
- Mines are broken.
- VM is broken.
- SNB is broken
- Weapon consoles are broken. - I still don't know why we need so many when the universal consoles do the same.
- SCI is broken cause there is no SCI ship for KDF.
- Target Sub Systems is broken.
- EPS is broken since it just regulates the powertransfer between systems and not recarge rate
- KDF gameplay is broken since there's still not enough non-repeatable content to get through the ranks.
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# 8
03-12-2011, 01:36 PM
You want KDF content? Really? Good joke. Whats next? A working cloak? Ship costumes? Clothes?
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# 9
03-12-2011, 06:28 PM
I agree with Angelus! As a community the KDF have patiently waited, respectfully asked and requested content, costumes, ship models, etc. But apparently we keep doing it in the wrong forum. Much to our suprise the Feds get yet ANOTHER ship while the KDF have to go 3:1 plus spam in PVP. I haven't been up against a team of 5 Multi-vector escorts but I am sure it awesome, especially with the new tracotr beam mines that work better than the tractor beams on ships. So I am really looking froward to it.
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# 10
03-13-2011, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Dan has already said in the past that the KDF will likely never have the "same" number of missions as the Feds, won't ever get the same amount of content, that the audience just isn't there.
Yes, that was said...but I still say, in response to that having been said:

The audience WOULD BE THERE if there was ACTUALLY SOMETHING for the TO DO on the KDF side of things.

It's like when a credit company says, "We would give you credit but you don't have enough credit." Yeah, how can I get credit if you won't give me credit?

How can we have a larger audience if there is nothing to get a larger audience? I remember someone saying, "Anyone ever go to a restaurant to cook their own food?" Why would anyone go to the KDF if there was nothing there for them to do?

They don't. It's a BS line now, and it was a BS line then.

I'd have been happier with the truth, that the Klingons aren't fleshed out as well as the Federation is in "official" Star Trek lore. It makes it harder to add content for them, based on the series/movies. However, this is an alternate timeline. Wasn't the point of that so they could add content that was "out of sync" with the series and movies without disrupting everything?

This being an alerternate relaity from the old, there should be no real limitations to what they can add so long a they follow the basic rules, such as Starfleets Prime Directive and such.

I would rather see new storyline for both factions than more ships, uniforms or special consoles in the C-Store. Honestly. I mean, eventually you will run out of ships and uniforms to add to the store, and maybe THEN we can get some new stuff to do with the ships and uniforms we have already? Maybe?

But yeah, I read it to mean a rework of current content. Sadly, I have little interest in the tutorial...might be nice for any new players though. Maybe. Course, I doubt any new players would stick around long if they join the KDF and run out of crap to do in three hours.

I have hopes and faith that it will get better...I just hope it's not too late when it happens.

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