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03-13-2011, 08:44 AM
All I care about is that Foundry missions are not allowed to tie in with current Cryptic Storylines...Cause that would hinder them from furthering their storyboards.

Ill most likely avoid alot of content coming out of the Foundry as reading alot of Biographies while in ESD has me shaking my head literally. And I can only imagine what kindof selfabsorbed missions these individuals will try to create.

Any missions cutting across major story arcs already presented in game will be avoided by myself like the plague and I hope Cryptic makes it a point to strike down anything of the sort when they come across it.
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03-13-2011, 09:14 AM
Too bad the games timeline didn't start after the borg were gotten rid of in the books. Authors were overusing them so badly that they just got rid of them altogether.
It made for a good series that changed a lot of things and now writers will have to come up with new enemies, and so far good job with the Typhon Pact stories.
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03-13-2011, 10:05 AM
Why is everyone so against having options? First of all, the Foundry missions are not going to be affecting the STO missions or storylines. It doesn't matter if you make a mission that destroys an entire planet, because in the end, your mission does not affect the STO universe.

Yes, I imagine that the Borg are going to be way over done! They are, after all, the greatest of Star Trek villains. However, it's just UGC. The vast majority of them are going to be pathetic because hardly anybody online nowadays has any conception of what proper grammar and level design is. There will be a few good ones and the rest will be trash.

Stop trying to limit options just because you feel certain factions are more sacred than others. I can guarantee that there will be a lot of similar missions with similar enemies. Just let it alone!

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