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Hello Forum.

since I've joined I spend a lot of time in planning out Anti-Borg mechanics (they are like the best DSE victims anyway). So I wanted to share some ideas on how to counter them with the perfect build.

For Cruisers:
Antiproton beam array Mk X [Brg] 3fore 3aft
Quantum torpedo Mk X 1fore
Tricobalt torpedo Mk X [Brg] 1aft

Shields: Aegis
Impulse: Aegis
Deflector: Aegis

Eng- EPS Flow Mk X VR, Plasmafold Mk X VR, Shield Emitter Amp X VR, Field Generator X VR{Assault} or Boost modulator X VR{Star}
Sci- {Just ones that boost your Sci officer heals}
Tact- {Ones that improve weapons}

Still working on Escorts and Sci vessels. Appreciate ideas and feedback.

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