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# 1 ground down an out ?
03-15-2011, 05:28 PM
well i came back to catch up on what new ingame an i dunno if its this game or my illness taking hold again with a vengence but im totally ground out by the grind that is kdf gameplay, im not having fun anymore. ive got my kdf chars to the stage where they have amazing gear but the gear is not much better then you can get of the exhange or from a feature.

then comes the what to level with, i know the math codes by default now for the satalite. 759963174400 cos i done it so many times to feel like im doing an actual pve game but nothing feels fresh or a challange, the stfs arnt fun or a challange, they are simply a time sink an the cure is a pet hate passion of mine. the 1st time i went away was cos i was off in hospital and that was just after season 2 an now season 3 is out an season 4 on the way but i just cannot think of a solid reason why im playing still.

beyond pvp what is there ?

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