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03-15-2011, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
Guys, please stay on-topic. If you wish to chatter off-topic, please do not do so in forum threads.

Dakma; the point I was trying to make is this:
Every player (PvE, PvP, RP) will always feel the strongest about THEIR enjoyment. You mentioned Space PvP as if this is what just about everyone on the forums is interested in. I offered that Ground PvP is also a part of PvP and as such should not be ignored.
There a synergy among the integral aspects of gaming in the most succesful genres/franchises. By overlapping pvp and pve, forcing their correlative union, both aspects of the game could prosper. The mission doer could have his day made more challenging and thrilling, by chancing upon a human PLAYER and not an AI, at which tiem he could choose how to respond, trek style. talk/run/fight

By the same token, instead of havign "arena" zones with no meaningul use, why not have soem areas in the game where a mission is to be done, AND you can fight? (yea, like Kerrat, the best zone in the game)

As for RP, every pvper would be happy with any type of record, ranking, killboard... ANYTHING.. anythign that could mean our character had just slaughtered a thousand ships or been slaughtered by them.. oh other than...

"defeating the combatants of the enemy" completed 194 times....

before they want to see another weekly series award an uber item (read :spam)

at any rate i hope through my inane ramblings some points got across. also, gratitude and well wishes. rock on <S>
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03-15-2011, 06:18 PM
I have to agree there has been seemingly a lacking of developer response out side of the Tribble forums when it comes to communication between the PvP side of the community and the Developers.

While having Forum Moderators keeping the peice in the sometimes flamable world that is the PVP Forums, is a good thing. It would also be good if the Developers that try to keep powers as balanced as possible between PVE and PVP could make information better known more often then just Tribble, it might help keep things smoothed over.

I mean let's face it, when bombs hit the forums, having a mediator in a yellow hat who is in touch with the right people can go a long way towards keeping the peice then causing them to get worse in game.
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03-15-2011, 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
To some it is the Ground Combat. What about them?
Im so glad you said that, its the truth for a lot of people i know including me.. and i hope the devs have that in mind too when they revamp stuff on ground.. because ground pvp certainly doesn't need a revamp, its mostly pve players being unhappy with certain aspects, most veteran ground pvp'ers love it the way it is... if theres anything ground pvp actually needs its a fix for the stuck-in-sniper-animation bug thats been around forever and the cant-shot after weapon switch bug that came with the last season and some new maps.

Originally Posted by WishStone
And just for the sake of having said it: I love ground combat in the game. Then again, I'm more of a role player at heart and have a hard time identifying myself with a ship. I rather connect with my character and officers. (Yes, even in PvP.)
Don't let them push you in a roleplaying corner, your not the only one thinking that way.. ground pvp had some healthy population in the past too.. when i leveled my klingons up with ground pvp only i had it almost popping every 2nd to 5th minute back then.. it was awesome.. but once stuff got changed and people couldn't beam out anymore the population decreased some that then made the remaining people meet the hardcore ground pvp players even more often in a row then before and the waiting time also increased up to the point that even more people left.

Considering this is star trek, its not a big surprise the amount of space players is far greater then the ones playing on ground, it always was and probably always will be that way.. although ground pvp has an awesome class balance and is far ahead there compared to many newer games - and in my opinion even easily beats space in having real pvp - the battle of scramble and npc spam gets old rather quick compared to poking people with my gun or slicing them up with those cool new swords.
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03-15-2011, 10:59 PM
I PvP most of my play time and had a suggestion for que alternative

*team ques.. 5v5, 4v4, 3v3
groups of freinds or fleets already teamed could que in these lines
alot of times you have part of your 5 team and are subject to the pug

*Pick up Group que 5v5, 4v4, 3v3
soloing players could que and get there random team

with the mechanics for a Lobby (waiting room) already being worked on for fleet encounters like CE and such, a similar one could work for PvP ques as well.

I realize this isnt the first time this has been posted, but i dont like to search and necro threads.
For the avid PvP player to the Noob, we all want to have a fun experience.

Another Map similar to Karrat would be awsome too, (without the bugged Borg stuck in geometry that can still kill you..lol)

But above all else I want my PvP experience to mean something in the end other than a scoreboard. Expanding Cap and hold to Systems, Make it a Daily.. So it wont YoYo every ten minutes with premades fighting for it. A system trophy and or accolade could be introduced, or a big EC reward.
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03-16-2011, 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by genxcraig View Post
And today Snix announced his departure from Cryptic. So it seems the one person we had to champion causes for pvp will be no more.
I am sad to see him go. He has been pretty much the "dev face" towards the community so far (the closest we have to a PvP Czar). But that doesn't mean he's the only champion of PvP.

I think we've seen him handing the reigns over to Chaddington in the past few weeks. And we've seen CaptainGeko more as well, talking about ship balance - and he listened to a lot of the feedback given to him, finally making the DSSV and Varanus viable science vessels.

As always, I remain cautiously optimistic that the two will do a great job. I don't know yet if Chaddington is a PvP champion, but at least he's an "NPC" champion - as I understand, he's the guy behind the Breen and the new Romulans, which might in the long term bring the difficulty of NPCs up again. This would be a good thing for all of us - for once, PvE Fights might be more interesting and challenging again, and newcomers from PvE might not be quite as surprised when they fight their first PvP fight... Of course, we have a long way to go there.

We'll see. I'm sure I'll miss snix.

I'd definitely suggest inviting Chaddington and CaptainGeko in our next Shuttle Wars encounters and the Open PvP channel.

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