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# 1 Ker'ret Warzone Idea
03-16-2011, 09:19 AM
I have an idea on how to redo Ker'ret that I think most players might like. Since there is a lot of ganking in that zone, why not remove the borg & make it sorta like a cap & hold. Since the basis of the mission for feds is to cut off the supply flow for klinks, make it where feds have to destroy the supplies & klinks have to try to beam them up before they get blown up. Could maybe put a timer on the zone or not. After so many supply objects have been beamed up or destroyed, maybe the most out of 20 or whatever number, that side wins & then zone resets after the cooldown time runs out. That way during that cooldown time, you can pvp all you want. You still get to pvp during the whole thing plus it makes it more balanced since feds won't have to worry about klinks ganking them while they fight off 3 or 4 borg ships. The rewards you get during can remain the same as they are now.

Now as for the lazy people that just hide near the edge of the map & do nothing to help, They shouldn't be allowed to get the emblems. Not sure how to do that so I'll leave that up to the devs to figure out. I think that in all pvp dailies for emblems, everyone should have to fight. It's only fair for both sides since it is after all PVP. Also, for the devs, I had an idea on how to stop people from going into pvp dailies & removing their shields just so that can die fast to get it over with. Make all the weapons, shields, engines, & deflector locked once you enter the pvp area so that it can't be removed & don't allow them to be removed before entering. Maybe have it kick you out of the pvp area automaticlly if you enter it without having all those slots filled. Not sure how to go about doing that but thats what devs are for. Again, as for them just hiding at the edge of the map till its over, I leave that up to the devs to figure out how to stop.

Now let the flaming begin

And FYI - I like to pvp so & do understand that its a zone for that, but with the borg there, I think it gives klinks a slight advantage over feds since some of their ships have a battle cloak that allows them to gank a fed that fending off borg then run & hide. Just my view on it.

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