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# 1 I'm sick of no content
03-17-2011, 02:46 PM
I dont post much in the forums but im sick of fed players getting buff's and better ships and more content while we get broke ships and literally CRAP. Our 1 count them 1 science ship we have gets nurfed cause you DEV's couldnt get the turn rate right so you give us more turn and now less hull how is it that an escort has more hull than a crusier? NO Answer huh. This is sad the Feds just got a new MVAM ship and now i hear they are getting yet another science ship what has the klingons gotten lately absolutely NOTHING. You make fed ships OP and the one legitimate ship we get is the BoP. I mean come on whats really going on. You DEVS claim your not being one sided but me and alot of other klingon players believe you are being one sided. you guys wont even fix the b'rel retro thats been bugged to hell a complete waste of time even creating it. Whats the point of continued game play and paying a subscription to play a game that the faction i prefer to play gets nerf'ed, no content, and continually crapped on. Bet there is no answer for that huh. Just an oh well. Whats the point of even posting to get blocked for voicing my opinion anyway. MY ONLY QUESTION IS......WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR THE KLINGON FACTION? (bet there is no answer for that one either).
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# 2 more constructively
03-17-2011, 02:59 PM
i too feel that there is more Fed ships, special powers and such making the newer fed ships better than the original ones.
Yet, the KDF has gotten little to even out the playing field. The new additions are good and it is good to know there will be more 'content' coming in season 4. HOWEVER, it pales when half your end game is PvP and your ships dont have the edge and uniqueness or competitiveness they once had due to new ships debuting for the Blue team.
When is the ship revamp going to happen?
When are more KDF ships going to launch?
When are there going to be unique BO layouts to compete with the Blue Force?
When is the BoP going to re-adjusted?
Are there going to multiple BO layouts to choose from?

Inquiring minds....really DO wanna know.
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# 3
03-17-2011, 03:08 PM
I would like to see an intrepid retrofit equivalent on the klink side.
I would like to see some sort of cloaking science ship (with tradeoffs to keep it balanced) so that all-cloaking teams can be viable.
I would like to see a retrofit raptor with either a fleet, advanced, or multi-vector escort layout, and/or boosted turnrate.


I would like to see a functioning B'rel retrofit that can do something besides explode.


Fed and Klink factions need parity (not mirror duplicates) in their respective ships. Without this, the klingon faction will continue to dwindle as it already has. I was a die-hard klingon player for months, but I switched to fed over the past couple months due to the large advantage that fed ships and premades have over klink ships and premades.
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# 4
03-17-2011, 04:14 PM
Cryptic, hi, I'd like to add in my 2 pet targs:

1. B'rel, can we just get another special for it, and not the enhanced battle cloak? Better yet, can we just have it as a normal bird of prey?

2. Why do feds have 5 sci ships?


Soon to be 6 with the oberth?

Plus, the nebula (which I fly fed side) is really great for engineers who want a true science cruiser. 5 sci power slots, 5 engineer powers (go go uni slots!), 2 tac powers? I'll take that and support my teammates any day of the week.

Cryptic, current pvp as it is now consists of the following:
1. NPC spam
2. Mine spam
3. Sci spam

All 3 are currently in play, and I will not discuss them as that's already been done again and again. These are just what we have now in pvp.

If you spec the bop like a sci ship, then you're paying a heavy price for the battlecloak and cannons:
1. very weak hull
2. no +shield HP or +aux power level that are inherent in sci ships
3. 1 less power slot

Of course, for the record we do have the varanus which is a DSSV. Do we have the intrepid, with its built in 15 second RSP ala ablative hull? Do we have the nebula and dkyr which are very tanky support craft?

Since the game launched, the feds have gotten:
1. Gal X (weaker turning negvahr)
2. Gal R (headless negvahr with no cloak)
4. Defiant (hai raptor!)
5. Nebula
6. D'Kyr
7. Excelsior (great offensive minded cruiser)
8. MVAM Prommie 2.0! AKA Fed attack style BoP with 1 more bridge officer power (yes, cmdr tac + lt cmdr sci + lt eng / tac is a very popular bop layout, and with beta MVAM activated the prommie turns just as fast as a bop)

The klings have gotten:
1. Varanus (dssv)
2. Garumba(bylon 5!) (fleet escort)
3. Marauder (star cruiser)
4. B'rel (seriously, can we really just have this as a BOP skin? I feel it's needed to list here but really?!)
5. Vorcha (assault cruiser)
6. Tom (not paris, you feds can keep him)
7. Richard (gx now you're just being a ... )
8. Harry (no, not kim ... chee ... -,- )
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# 5
03-17-2011, 04:39 PM
I second the OP's subject line, if not his Klingon centric viewpoint. The PvP Space maps are so played out it makes me ill. The ground system is so broken it should be the emergency replacement project priority of the entire programming team. The fact the the leaders of Cryptic keep pushing oatmeal out of the grinder nonstop leads me to believe the design vision being implemented is satisfying requirements we as a gaming community are not aware of.

I do not expect these things to be fixed, or to change, this year. I DO expect to test drive the new sci fi mmporg that should be released this year. The last sound Cryptic may hear about these matters will be the faint sound of footsteps walking away.
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# 6
03-17-2011, 07:52 PM
LOL @ the B'rel......only ship in the game that makes a Raptor look good......brilliant work whoever was in charge of that ship design.
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# 7
03-17-2011, 09:15 PM
QQ, cryptic should of never added klinks until the fed side was more solid. Yeah, it's no secret how I feel about (some) klinks.
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# 8 KDF is a red headed step child
06-02-2011, 01:47 AM
I made a horrible mistake!!! I paid for a lifetime sub, or as i call it a LIFETIME FEDVESTMENT.

I got that lifetime when ever i thought PvE was worth a damn.

You say o we only have X dev teams working X hours.... Answer me this why do you make a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER platform game with the skin of one of the greatest Sci-Fi show following of all time??

You should have stuck to superheroes if you ask me.

I know dedicated KDF players are few and far between, and PvP players are even more rare. Here is my point I think that you are putting the KDF on the back burner, with a small faction of players logging KDF time you put the faction on the back burner.... and by KDF players I dont mean emblem grinders and PvE players because they are not KDF no matter what they tell them selves they are not. They are just FEDs with a KDF skin on there ship and person.

Give some love to PvP and KDF ships/weapons. Screw PvE go play fed, wanna level on the KDF side do FE's, PvP, and nebulas.
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# 9
06-02-2011, 02:12 AM
So... what's this got to do directly with pvp? If you're looking for dev attention you posted in the wrong section.
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# 10
06-02-2011, 03:13 AM
And yet when I PvP, the Klingon Empire still wins 90% of the matches despite the supposed overpowered Fed ships. I do PvP on both sides.

Large percentage of Fed players are too lazy to figure out counters to abilities, demand nerfs because of aforementioned reason, and can't work as a team worth beans.

In one Pvp match on my fed tac, i just sat there cloaked (Defiant-R) and watched my lousy team fire on their own targets and the KDF mow them down. I gave my team a target to focus fire on, they ignored it, they get killed, and I sent message to KDF player in match to just slaughter my team.

PvP on KDF side is much better. i leveled my Tac primarily through PvP.
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