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03-18-2011, 10:05 AM
'Cloaking' Hirogen is just one of a long list of weird things I've noticed:

- The Cardassian Keldon is a troop transport variant of the Galor, yet in STO it's a 'magic' ship that projects photonic Galors when it reaches 50% damage.

- Cardassian ranks are weird - Gul is a Captain/Commander and Legate is similar to an Admiral (in that it's a high-ranked 'desk job'). And yet, in STO, a Cardassian mob might include 2 Guls, or an 'Interrogator' (on the front lines?), a Legate, or most absurd, an 'Assault Legate'.

- The ridiculous number of Admirals in active service, on the front lines - especially fighting the Undine and Borg!

- The fact that all Starfleet Captains are also moonlighting as FDC Ambassadors on the side...

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