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I revamped my first mission "The Snake Reincarnate I" to consolidate the story.

But know, "The Snake Reincarnate 2" is now live on Tribble (for however long Tribble lasts)

Check it out! Spoilers in black:

You are sent to the Kinjun system to try and figure out what the Obsidian Order is doing with the Borg Technology they acquired. Upon arriving in the system you notice the entire planet has been assimilated. You find a small pocket of Cardassian life signs on an orbiting terradome. You beam down to see that the Cardassians are working hard to remove some Borg technology. You decide that this is outside of their area of expertise and give them a hand.

Once you are finished you talk to a Cardassian leader who tells you they lost control of the Borg. They said their communications satellite isn't working and askss for your help in fixing it. You agree, but must fight off a Borg cube in order to get the job done. You decide that leaving a probe in orbit to monitor the planet is a good idea. But once you reach transporter range Three of Seven, the Federation's expert on the situation whom you were required to take with you, beams down. So you go after her in order to rescue her.
Once you beam down you find yourself inside a Borg complex, but all of the drones are Cardassian except for a few sporadic life signs. What you find is those life signs are made up of dead Jem'Hadar drones.

After you reach the final chamber, you confront Three of Seven who tells you she reformed the Obsidian Order after being liberated from the collective. She is actually a Cardassian who was disguised to look human but was assimilated during her assignment. She vows revenge against the Dominion and the Federation and escapes.

You fight the final boss and the level ends.
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03-18-2011, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by filbones View Post
I did. Hope you enjoy them.

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