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Hi all,

This was mentioned on the latest StarbaseUGC podcast and I was surprised when I didn't find any discussion on it at all on the forums. So what are we talking about. A Foundry Author tool to embed a Short Term Code in which has all the valuable information of what the mission involves. The description Characters are limited and we value them with every letter, so going into detail as to the estimated length, Type of difficulty of enemies and type of game play is not something worth the characters. However if we the community came up with a viable short term for all the information a player might need to know about your mission, outside of the story line. I feel players we be allot more comfortable playing foundry missions.
So here are my recommendations.

* [COM] COMBAT Missions

* [DIP] DIPLOMACY Missions


* [GRD] GROUND Missions

* [GRP] GROUP RP Missions

* [KDF] KLINGON Missions

* [SPC] SPACE Missions

* [SRP] SOLO RP Missions

* [STF] 5 PLAYER Missions

m = Minutes
H = Hours



Beg =
Beginner is basic game play with mostly weak enemies or none at all. This will also amount to the mission being designed to an easy playability.
Int =
Intermediate has Enemies ranging from Ensigns to Lieutenants and is desighned for players well versed in the STO Game mechanics.
Adv =
Advanced means to be STF ready with enemies ranging from LT commanders to captains and a design for people at VA who are veteran type gamers.

So my mission may look like this.
'Can't Keep A New Suite Clean'

Any Ideas, this need to be collaborated on in order to be fundamentally viable. Even if only 20% of Authors use it, I think it could be a valuable tool for any author to get people to play there missions.

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