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I am looking for a Fleet Made up of mostly East Coast Players. I am 50 years old and disabled so I have a lot of time to play. Looking for a mature fleet with players that like to socialize on vent or Teamspeak while playing. I would like to do STF's and any other organized activities.

Can email me in game at Sparky@krazyMainer

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03-18-2011, 01:29 PM
The Exodus Fleet is currently recruiting

Feel free to come play with is. See if you like it, and if so, you can join us.
Upon joining you'll have a 2 week probationary period. During that time you're welcome to come onto Teamspeak with us and join us for STF's and fleet actions as well as other in-game missions we may do. We have people who are more than happy to help new members. People who contribute will be noticed.

We will help members with anything they may need including help with missions, crafting, STF's, and advice on configuring your ship, BOFF's and characters.

We are a small-medium sized group with our own Teamspeak server and website. We are really active with multiple people on at any given point of the day.

We would like all of our members to join us on Teamspeak to get to know everyone as well as for us to get to know you. This also makes it much easier for everyone to communicate for the greater good. We also want our members to not be in other fleets at the same time. This can cause issues, so it's the one real rule we have. Teamspeak is free as well as use of our voice server. If you do not have a headset, we can tell you where to get a gaming headset for between $4-$7 if money is an issue.

If that sounds interesting, please feel free to contact us.

you can also check out of website here:

or you can send me a mail ingame
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03-19-2011, 05:50 AM
Hi there CrazyMainer (or is that Sparky?)

Please let me introduce you to 3rd Fleet. We aren't an East Coast fleet, we are an international fleet with members all over USA and the rest of the world. This gives us the advantage of having fleet members on almost around the clock. So no matter what your gaming hours are, you should always be in good company.

3rd Fleet has also been running for many years now (founded in 2003) and we have a mature attitude for gaming. We don't make too many demands on out members other than to have fun (or why else are you playing?). Although we like to have fun we don't really tolerate childish behaviour.

Because we are a large fleet there is always lots going on both in the game and in the forum, many STFs and lots of opportunities for ad hoc teaming. We also have a Teamspeak server to be used as much or as little suits you.

So if this interests you, please check us out on
Or watch our vid at:

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