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I bought the Klingon Cruiser Bridge Pack off the C-Store nearly a year ago and problems with the Majka bridge have still have not been addressed.

On the Majka bridge, on the left side as you go down the hallway to the turbolift, there is a gap in game about a foot wide at the edge of the wall that makes space visible. It is a very obvious mistake to anybody who visits my bridge and sees that. I have pretended,...that there is not a huge gap on my bridge but its really starting to get annoying especially since I payed extra money to obtain it.

The second bridge that comes in the pack NoMat, looks good for the small exception that its a cruiser bridge pack and in one of the center tactical consoles on the bridge my officer is hitting buttons on a double sided glass display of a Raptor escort ship, not a cruiser.

In the grand scheme of things I understand that both should be minor things, I am just disappointed as a Cryptic customer that they would allow me to purchase a product that had not been completed or tested properly.

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