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Name: Starship Experimentation


Hey, this is my first mission that I'm working on just to practice and get used to the Foundry toolset before it goes live on Holodeck.

However below the various Project, Story, Maps, Dialogues and Costumrs tabs there are list of tasks that need to be done before . There are 2 items in this both are 'Text must be filled in" for "Dialog: blah b;ah blah" (same Dialog for both).

The only problem is that I can't see anywhere in this dialog tree caontaining the exclamation alert that I had noticed for other 'tasks' that need to be completed.

So it's a bug either way; reporting errors where there are none or there are errors that I cannot locate or fix. I have also checked with a friend of mine who has previously done some missions and he's working on another one and he has the same issue and perhaps some other issues (related or not)

N.B. It's not ready to be properly published but I need to check that NPCs performing 'jobs' work as intended.
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03-19-2011, 08:43 PM
In addition, I'm having trouble with a map transition from an Olympic science vessel bridge to Memory Alpha.

I complete all the objectives on the Olympic map, but it won't give me an option to move on, even manually via the beam up button. I just can't get to memory Alpha to do what I have to do there.

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