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Hi all,

Attempted to start a Foundry project at the weekend, but I had to keep changing my plan as I found more and more limitations in the Foundry. I think I can still make it work, but its kinda depressing that my original vision just cant happen.

Does anyone have any clever work-arounds for...
  • Disabling a ship rather than destroying it (Kill Target)
  • Making a ship warp in or out, or an NPC beam in or out
  • Non-federation style sliding doors
  • Give mission dialog with a custom costume
  • Creating localised sound effects on a ground map (specifically bar noise/music, like in Drozana station)
  • Creating a Ferengi D'kora class ship that you can fight against
  • Having a boss fight in space against a single, named ship

Are any of these things even vaguely possible? Might they be in future?


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