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03-21-2011, 09:16 PM
Im apparently in defacto command here, at least until someone who outranks me starts playing again, and so Ive decided we need new members. We do PvP and RP, we dont have mandatory times or any of that BS. I want fleet members to make this fleet what you want it to be. You wanna RP at DS9, thats cool. You wanna rip apart Klinks at Kerrat or wherever, thats fine too. Just share some wealth, because I do.

And the only thing I want is A. Females*, B. A report through the mail system telling me you're alive and why I should care every now and then. A headsup about deposits and withdrawals would be nice too, but my standards aint too high.

Anyway, join up, 131st Assault Auxilary or PM Blair@FAdamsXII

*: (I have ONE female captain, and I want more).

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